Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth - Ultimate Macro-Friendly Dessert E Book

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Tired of feeling like you blew all your macros after eating dessert or giving in to a craving? Treat yourself to 35 lower-calorie versions of your all-time favorites and kick bloat and disappointment to the curb for good.  

Whether you are looking to lose weight or get healthier, sticking to a diet long term means having the flexibility to eat the foods you love - even dessert. That’s why our recipes have been created to help you hit your #bodygoals without tasting like a compromise. This e-book includes the ultimate list of easy (and macro-friendly) desserts that will satisfy any craving… and fast!  

Purchase this e-book and get immediate access to all 35 dessert recipes and information! 

What’s Inside:

  • 35 healthy dessert recipes that are low-calorie, low-fat, and high protein
  • Almost all can be made in one bowl and are ready in less than 30 minutes (except ice cream and pudding recipes)  
  • Includes cakes, brownies, donuts, dessert bars, single-serving mug cakes, pudding, and more
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions
  • Tips and substitutions for food sensitivities 
  • Almost all recipes use ingredients you likely have
  • Full macro and calorie breakdown for each recipe

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